Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kathleen Lockhart Manning

Kathleen Lockhart Manning (1890-1951).

Born in Hollywood, California, Kathleen was fortunate to study piano and composition with Moritz Moszkowski in Paris.  Also a singer, she performed with the Hammerstein Opera Company in London during the 1911-1912 season. 

As a composer she wrote mainly vocal works for which she penned her own words.  Her song cycles include, “Sketches of New York,” “Sketches of London,”  “Sketches of Paris,” “Chinese Impressions,” and “Songs of Egypt.”  A number of her individual songs were arranged for chorus.

After the death of Miss Lockhart Manning’s husband in 1938, mental illness haunted her the remainder of her life.  She died in Los Angeles. 

I am not sure if Kathleen Lockhart Manning and Gena Branscombe actually knew each other but there is a reference to Gena in one of Kathleen’s diary entries.  She noted that she must send Miss Branscombe a copy of her newest published song cycle.

A CD of the Lockhart songs is available, To The Mart of Dreams: Songs by Kathleen Lockart Manning, Vol I.  Listening to her charming songs will brighten your day.  

My friend, Rebecca Schultz Lanning, is the leading authority on Kathleen Lockhart Manning.  Her research has put her in touch with the composer's family who have been generous sharing Kathleen's papers, compositions and diaries!  Way to go Rebecca.

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