Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're Making a CD

With Martin's encouragement we used David Smith as our sound engineer and guide during the recording process. What a process it is. So technical, the lack of an audience for whom you perform, take after take because the piano bench squeaked or I sang a wrong note or something else went wrong. This is followed by the pain of editing; listening to yourself, Martin's playing then the combination of Martin's work and mine to find the best take to wed together with a few previous measures. A painful process indeed.
Finally with five good songs knitted together, I applied to several labels asking that they pick up this Gena Branscombe recording for its unique qualities and its importance to American music especially American women composers. Albany Records picked us up! How thrilled we were!

Not only were there Gena's beautiful, melodic songs, but Martin agreed to play four of Gena's piano works. These charming pieces were written for her daughters at their various stages of piano lessons. Martin's playing.....simply exquisite!

Our CD was released in November 2003....Ah! Love, I Shall Find Thee: Songs of Gena Branscombe on the Albany Records label....Troy #599. Available on my website http://www.kathleenshimeta.com/.

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