Monday, August 5, 2013

Mother and Daughters

In previous posts I have often recounted how generous the Branscombe/Tenney/Phenix family has been to me.  My recent correspondence with Gena Branscombe's grandson, Roger, has included a request for a copy of an article she wrote in 1956.  Roger was sure it was in his family files and quickly sent me a pdf copy and along with that article were copies of programs of her music performed in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  My research and reading continues!

As always, Roger, in his search for the things I request, seems to find additional materials or pictures he wants to share with me.  These items take me by complete surprise.

This picture arrived in yesterday's e-mail.  The image took my breath away as it is the first picture of Gena Branscombe I have seen where she is smiling....truly smiling and her face is filled with love for her two daughters which she holds in her arms.  What a joyful picture to share with you my readers!

Thank you, Roger Phenix.