Saturday, November 28, 2020

Interview with Carolyn Sebron

With many thanks to Carolyn Sebron for interviewing me for her web series, C'est Sebron.  The twenty two year journey of creating The Gena Branscombe Project from finding Miss Branscombe's music, recording her songs, my one-woman show, the performance of Pilgrims of Destiny, all the people involved and now our scholarship fund are explained.  It's quite the journey and one for which I have great pride.  Thank you, Carolyn.  



Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Where Are All The Black Female Composers


Where are all the black female composers?  A great question we should all consider.   Have we studied the black female composers in music history?  Have they been included in women composer reference books or were they presented at women composer and women in music conferences?  The answer to those questions is no. 


A recently published book, “Where Are All the Black Female Composers?: The Ultimate Fun Facts Guide,” written by Nathan Holder with captivating illustrations by Charity Russell, answers the questions.  Mr. Holder is a London based musician and author.  Ms. Russell, originally from Zambia, now resides in Bristol, England.  


Written for ages 8-14, the book covers over 150 years of music composed by Black Female Composers.  Four young guides take the reader on a journey introducing each of the composers.  They ask questions, share facts about the composers’ music and lives as well as offering titles of their compositions.  Before you begin reading, scan the QR code in the back of book.  Spotify will play the compositions of these women. 

The reader experiences Florence Price, Errollyn Wallen, Margaret Bonds, Leila Adu, Julia Perry, Shirley Graham Du Bois and more.  These women span the world coming from the United States, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Nigeria, Cuba and Jamaica. 

Black Female Composers long forgotten, ignored or lost  are brought to life in this 21st century book.  Celebrating Black History Month and Women’s History Month will be made easier because we have Nathan Holder’s book that honors the achievements of black female composers. 


Where Are All the Black Female Composers? is a gift to the world and to music education for children and adults.