Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More Pictures

A message on my answering machine last week from Marguerite (Peggie) Biscaye Oury told me she had found three more pictures of the Branscombe Choral and one picture of Gena Branscombe standing on a dock waving goodbye.  Would I like to have these pictures to add to the items she gave in 2012?  Yes, of course, was my answer.

Peggie’s brother, Pierre had called me in November 2011 and recounted his story of knowing Gena Branscombe and her family.  His fond memories of his mother and two aunts being long-time members of the Branscombe Choral were touching.  He even has the conductor’s baton that Miss Branscombe gave him.  See my blog posting of May 2012. 

I called Pierre’s sister, Peggie, and we also had a lengthy phone conversation.  She told me she had Branscombe Choral pictures, autographed sheet music and a few other items.  She graciously sent these items to me for safe keeping and I assured her all these treasured possessions would be given to the New York Library for the Performing Arts.  Now there are four additional photos to be added to the Biscaye/Oury folder!

A short e-mail exchange with Gena Branscombe’s grandson, Roger Phenix, and the photo of her waving goodbye is probably from the 1930’s when she and her daughter, Gena, sailed to England.  The photo of the Branscombe Choral in front of a tapestry with Gena accepting flowers from two little girls is from a Spring concert in Town Hall.   The other two photos of the Choral are undated and were taken at Christmas time.  Venue is unknown. 

Four more pieces of Gena Branscombe history are to be given to the library.  What treasures!