Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Page Letter 1944

Dated May the 17th, 1944, Gena Branscombe’s letter to a Mrs. Gladys Ewing Coombes of Forest Hills, New York, written on delicate paper with a New York World-Telegram review of the premiere performance of Gena’s “Coventry’s Choir” at Town Hall lovingly enclosed.

A thank you for a beautiful gift, an enjoyment of “Camellias,” the beautiful Browning medley and the enjoyment of sitting next to Mrs. Coombes at a breakfast all carefully mentioned on one piece of paper. A sliver of a look into the life of Gena Branscombe during World War II.

Once again EBAY brought this beautiful addition to my Gena collection. Now I would like to know, who is Mrs. Gladys Ewing Coombes? How did she and Gena meet? What breakfast did they attend? Maybe this posting will bring an answer to my questions.

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