Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Dancer of Fjaard

Published in 1926, Gena Branscombe’s choral work, “The Dancer of Fjaard” was performed frequently by her own Branscombe Choral, the MacDowell Club Chorus of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, the New York Matinee Musicale, Massachusetts Federation of Women’s Clubs and the National Federation of Music Clubs.  Miss Branscombe was the conductor of these performances.

What a wonderful selling and purchasing tool E-bay is in our world.  A copy of “The Dancer of Fjaard” came up for sale and obviously I bid on the item and won.  When the music arrived yesterday I opened the envelope and looked at the upper left hand corner of the cover where in very light pencil is written - Monday 9, Tuesday 1:30, Wed 1:00.  Musicians will often write final rehearsal days and times in their music and whoever originally owned and sang this piece did exactly that.

Imagine my surprise when I opened to the front page and found Gena Branscombe’s autograph and good wishes.  There is no name inscription.  The music has a few markings all of which are for dynamics. 

Whoever owned this piece of music was careful to protect it and now the music is preserved in my collection.

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