Sunday, March 26, 2023

A Crumpled Poem

 Recently Gena Branscombe’s grandson, Roger, sent me a copy of a poem he had found in the family files. Over many years the crumpled piece of paper held the words to a  poem titled, “Farewell to THE OLD TIMER”    To the right of the title is typed, “American Folksy Song of 1942 (With apologies to all concerned.”) 

With great humor the poem writers, who were Branscombe Choral members, describe in great detail the demise of Miss Branscombe’s “rack.”  Gena raised her wand to beat the time and the rack went down!  The “rack” is obviously her conductor’s stand that with much assistance could not be revived.  The Choral members found the “dough” to gift their beloved conductor a new rack hoping she doesn’t want the old one back!  What wonderful humor and one does wonder what the “American Folksy Song of 1942” was. 

This poem/song must have been performed by Choral members at their annual Spring luncheon.  

In 1942 with World War II raging in Europe and the South Pacific, America’s armed forces were fighting to preserve our country’s freedom.  The women of the Branscombe Choral collected money to replace her conductor’s music stand and kept their humor about the entire happening.  Their loved ones may have been abroad fighting in the war.  The Choral members were making music and memories with their conductor, Gena Branscombe.

No matter our country’s hard times, no matter our personal stories whether happy or sad, music doth soothe the soul….as does humor. 

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